The Longevity Revolution. Creating a society for all ages

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“…Health and wellbeing are determined by a range of factors including the social, economic, environmental and cultural contexts in which people live their lives. As such, engagement across sectors is required to develop policies which support health and wellbeing, and reduce the number of people living in the community with disability and illness as they age.

While individuals have control over many of their health outcomes, many of the inequalities of health are due to social factors. These social determinants of health need to be addressed at a policy level and policy makers must not put all the onus of poor health in older age on individual behaviour.

Health budgets will become increasingly pressured by the larger numbers of people ageing and approaching this disability threshold. Policy intervention to prevent significant numbers of individuals from falling below the threshold, or even to delay their decline, will have serious budget implications…”


Fonte: http://www.thinkers.sa.gov.au/KalacheReport/files/inc/f0c2e5815c.pdf

Date insert: Domingo, 25 Janeiro 2015